Minis (MR-MC)

Kobol evaporators have been developed to service both small and industrial size installations, guaranteeing a cooling capacity of 0.7 kW to 168.5 kW. We offer more than 200 models to help customers select the best choice for each cooling segment and application. All our evaporators use high-quality components that ensure a long working life and high performance under any circumstance. Units are protected against corrosion and are available in different finishes,. and can be designed to work as Brine Coolers with glycol water and for CO₂ Evaporators.

This range is perfect for small cooling chambers, either for cooling or freezing applications.

There are 10 models available with capacities ranging from 841 W to 4,114 W for fresh applications (MR series) and from 716 W to 3,840 W for frozen applications (MC series).