Download the Selection Software and enjoy its advantages.

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The Selection Software is a tool for our evaporators and condensers, which allows a wide selection between the various ranges available.

  • Product that meets the highest quality standards, naturally complying with ERP-2015.
  • Designed by Unilab, experts in thermodynamics and custom projects. Eurovent and AHRI certified, a guarantee of experience and professionalism.
  • We have a variety of models, which can be selected through this powerful software and its many possible variables and input data.
  • The purpose of this software is to make life easier for our customers, so they can choose the best products to perfectly fit the cooling needs of each installation.
  • In addition, other advantages of KPS are that all product data are available in digital format, the tool is provided free of charge, an interface in different languages is offered, prices are constantly updated and a printout of the quote can be obtained after product selection.